Start Focusing on Real People, Not Cookies.

We know how to target people, not cookies. We have an ear on your audiences, and they’re changing. They’re engaging with content across platforms and mobile devices. When your ads are on the right devices, at the right time at the right place, everyone wins. That’s why we leverage paid social’s exceptional value and ability to target your customers:

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Paid Social Strategies That Fit Your Sales Funnel

We specialize in working with small Tucson Business and making every dollar count. We’ve been running social ads since the start (and honestly never want to go back!) and work directly with Facebook & Twitter to make sure our clients stay ahead of the game.

Earth Web Technologies has grown in the world of paid search, which means we can’t sleep if we can’t directly measure the impact & performance of our client’s campaigns. We use that same approach for social advertising.

While we know we can effectively drive all the awareness in the world (which we can) we have proven over and over again that social ads, when managed well, can be just as effective as Google Adwords PPC, as a direct-response channel. Of course, all of this requires a significant amount of time in audience development and strategy—two things we are really good at.

We’re experts at building a social media strategy that you can measure in real dollars and cents: new customer leads and sales, not just fan acquisition or nebulous “engagement” numbers. We’ll spend time with you up-front to understand your objectives and your target audiences—and then we’ll devise and deploy the right strategies to make the most of your social media advertising dollars.

What You Can Expect

Stragegy and Deployment

We’ll help you define your objectives & strategies based on the kind of targeting that works for you.

Social Media Optimizing

We’ll help you analyze your audience, developing new avenues to reach your target market, and help guide creative and ad copy testing, and dive deep into your analytics.

Maintenance and Management

We’ll build your strategy from the ground up, and have our eyes—and yours—on the numbers that matter.

Are You Ready to Make Your Business Better?