Bad SEO Company in Tucson

Finding the right SEO firm for your businesses may happen a bit differently than you might imagine. Many business owners think that you have to land on page one to be any good with search engine optimization. The fact of the matter is, there are plenty of SEO companies out there doing great to passable to stellar search-engine-optimized web content and development. The SEO company in Tucson for you will be the one who can do the best job of convincing you they have the goods.

So, how do you spot a substandard Tucson SEO company?

Surprisingly, they could be the one in the first position on page one. Sure, they paid a lot in PPC ads to get there, but do they actually have the SEO web design skills to be the right agency for your needs?

We believe in the idea of organic search engine optimization. Let your inherent, natural skills bubble to the surface, and show that face to the world, in other words.

Paying to get to the top spot may get you seen faster, but it most often is no indicator of an SEO firm’s true talents as a website design company.

That said, let’s examine the things that make a good SEO company as opposed to the attributes of a subpar one.

  1. Your Tucson SEO firm should have a regular news blog that tells you what they’re doing. Since “content is king,” and since you want a company anyway that can tell the world what’s happening in detail, your SEO company of choice really must do regular blogging.
  2. The best SEO company will have the most tricked-out, state-of-the-art website…right? Wrong! Like with PPC and search engine marketing, you can throw a lot of money into something but still not be able to answer customer FAQs, or be responsive in an ongoing support kind of fashion. The best SEO companies will spend more time on customer service and client relations than beefing up their own website.
  3. They can pick all the right keywords. Great, but can they pick all of yours? The answer, where EWT is concerned, is YES! If content is king, and content is made up of (mostly) regular words as well as client keywords, then your keyword research has got to be spot-on. To that end, we’ve employed SEO specialists who can confer and consult with you on your marketing-niche keywords, and then do a proper keyword assignment towards getting you the most online pull for your buck!
  4. Do they do content marketing or SEO or both? Or, are they the same thing? We’re of the opinion – as are SEO experts – that content marketing and SEO aren’t mutually exclusive ways to get your website at or near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). For many years these two things have fit together, hand-in-glove where (at least) concerns SEO companies. A good SEO firm will know that these are not competing tactics, but actually two ways of saying (or procuring) the same thing: higher SEO rankings.

Sizing Up the Good and Bad SEO Companies (Forget the Ugly)

Search Engine Journal sized up what they thought the difference between good and bad companies was, based on their company proposals, and found these interesting differentiators:

The Bad:

These SEOPs seemed pretty cut and paste. You could imagine if you compared two proposals for different clients in different industries, they would read the same. So, the question is, if no two websites are marketed the same, why would the proposals be the same? During the initial call, there should have been enough time to identify what the client’s concerns were and how they would be addressed.


The Good:

These companies took risks. They actually ran a few keyword ranking reports for terms their clients wanted to rank for, were ranking for, and ones they needed to rank for that hadn’t been discussed. This showed a lot of work on their part and it also showed they were behaving in the manner that they were going to be hired anyway. You can get a sense of a good SEO firm’s work ethic from these examples.

Going above and beyond when no definitive contract had been signed conveyed they were serious about getting their potential client’s business. Is it possible to get a client without taking this type of a risk? It absolutely is, but without risk the rewards are minimal at best.

“Unique, original and memorable” are three words SEJ used to describe the proposals done by good SEO companies. Obviously, these companies took time to listen to the potential clients and tailored their SEOP (search engine optimization proposal) to fit them. The impressive part was the companies who not only listed the customer’s wants, but the ones that listed (in a polite manner) what the customer needs were.

What it comes down to is the client. It’s about optimizing the SEOP to fit their needs and to persuade them to become a client. Think of it the same way your company optimizes websites. It isn’t about you, it’s about attracting them and getting the conversion.

Who’s the Best Tucson SEO Company?

The best “SEO company in Tucson” for you might not be a huge enterprise with the flashiest website imaginable, but rather a small business, like yours. Bigger is not always better. The right SEO firm might be a couple of guys working in a converted loft. Or, it might be the international SEO firm with 500 employees. We like to land right in the middle of those qualifiers and still deliver the goods in spades.

Since 2003, we’ve supplied the best SEO Marketing & Web Design Services for small and larger businesses in Tucson AZ who want the consistency and cost-effective benefits we provide.

We’re one of the Tucson Online Marketing companies who’ll give you the full and proper proposal and follow-through, and do it on or ahead of schedule!

Earth Web Technologies is a Tucson SEO company who gives you your money’s worth and then some, and employs fair and best practices for all our clients, so call us today at (520) 333-3374 or email us to get started!