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What is Ransomware and How Can My Business Stay Protected?

Did you know your business could be held up for ransom? It may not be the Wild West era anymore, but the digital age comes with a new kind of outlaw: hackers who target businesses for sensitive data and profit. Cybersecurity has become a serious concern for companies large and small, especially now that ransomware [...]

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Why Local Business Reviews Are So Important for SEO

Think of the last time you tried out a new restaurant or discovered an online clothing site. Before you made your final decision on where to go/what to buy, you probably checked out the reviews. As a consumer, this is a natural thing to do to better understand what kind of experience you'll have. Reviews [...]

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How to Claim a Business on Google (And Why You Need To)

If you own a small business, you're always looking for a cheap and easy way to promote your brand. One tool that every local company should take advantage of is Google My Business. GMB is a free featured offered by Google that allows you to create a directory listing for your business. Despite the many [...]

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What to Look for in Local Computer Repair in Tucson

The average personal computer should last you for at least 3 to 5 years. But you can get more life out of it by maintaining your computer and having regular repairs done to it. A local computer repair company can help you keep your computer in tip-top shape. They can remove malware and spyware from [...]

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What is MSP? What Businesses Need to Know

What is MSP? Did you know that since 2005 there have been 10,323,848,439 records breached? You read that correctly, over 10 billion. The number of data breaches grows each year. In the first three months of 2018, they are already at 259,704,415. Ponemon Institute recently conducted the 2018 Study on Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity. 51% [...]

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9 Elements of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Did you know that social media teams are up 67% since 2012? Organizations are recognizing the power of a social media campaign and acting accordingly. Unfortunately, the experience of social media isn't quite catching up: 83% of customers have lackluster experiences with social media. So obviously it's in a business owner's interest to make the [...]

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How Does SEO Work For Your Business’s Website?

Are you wondering what all the talk is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is a leading digital marketing tool that can give businesses the online visibility they need. Even a basic SEO campaign can drive traffic to a website and increase conversion rates. So how does SEO work this magic? In a nutshell, SEO [...]

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8 Signs Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Help

If your company is faltering recently, it could be because you need digital marketing help. Adopting digital marketing as a core part of your overall marketing strategy is no longer simply a business decision. It's a necessity of any business that wants to compete in the modern business climate. But understanding the many aspects of [...]

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7 Ways Your Business Can Dominate Local SEO

With the average small business paying 23% more than last year on digital marketing, it's important that you're getting the returns that you need. The days of casting as wide a net as possible on the internet are over. Local SEO is dominating the latest trends in digital advertising. Search engines use tools called web [...]

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Why Is a Website Important for Your Business?

With small businesses spending an average of 35% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing, those dollars need to be spent intelligently. Since that figure is on average $75,000, this might be a lot to invest in a digital presence when you don't already understand the value of having one. Knowing the answer to "Why [...]

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