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Archive for June 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Gathering Business Leads

No matter what type of business you run, you can’t grow without the right lead generation strategy. Living in a digital world, in theory, makes it easier to find business leads. The problem is that it’s not just your business getting them. There is more competition now than in the past for customers. The real…

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Why You Need a Cloud Backup Plan for Your Business and How to Use it

Running a business in the modern Age of Technology means your data can be digitally managed. Businesses just like yours are optimizing software programs and network designs on a regular basis. It’s important for everyone to maintain the utmost security of their business’s information. Perhaps your business also handles your customers’ sensitive information. You don’t…

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5 Unique Ways to use SEO to Generate New Leads

new leads

Without new leads for your business, the likelihood of success is low. Unfortunately, many traditional lead generation efforts fall flat when it comes to effectiveness. Are you wondering what the solution to this all-too-common problem is? It’s simple actually – use SEO. That’s right – search engine optimization may be the key to all your…

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7 Web Design Best Practices Every Business Owner Needs to Know

web design best practices

Bad web design is one of the biggest reasons that customers click away from your website. When they leave your site after only a few seconds, and without taking any kind of action, what’s known as your site’s “dwell time” decreases. This means that Google and search engines don’t think that your website has any…

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