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Making the big decisions of scale, planning, and budgeting without all the needed information at your disposal could be disastrous for your company.

That’s why Earth Web Technologies offers a vCIO service. – We want you to succeed!

vCIO stands for virtual Chief Information Officer. Our clients rely on the expertise and experience of a Earth Web Technologies vCIO. In our role as vCIO, we act as a vital part of your business and discover the places where technology implementation will add value to the workflow and objectives of your company.

Why hire another in-house executive? – That’s expensive.

We will assign a vCIO to act as part of your team and continuously monitor the health of your business technology as it relates to your profitability and future goals.

Considering an acquisition, merger, expansion, or branch offices?

Whether you are making decisions that affect your local business or a global enterprise, our vCIO will enable you to make good choices based on the best IT information available. We will deliver:

  • On Site Expertise

    On-Site Expertise

    Sometimes you just need someone there to walk you through the impact of IT on your budgets and big strategy choices.

  • IT Strategy That Works

    IT Strategy That Works

    We will collaborate with your team to lay out a detailed plan to use technology to help you reach your objectives.

  • Business Focused Technology Services

    Business Focused

    Enhancing your business is what we do, technology is just HOW we do it. We combine business acumen with technology know-how.

  • Customized Executive IT Solutions

    Customized Executive IT Answers

    High-level decisions are consequential ones. Our vCIOs will give you the bird’s eye view of how IT impacts overall profitability.

Our vCIO Services allow you to act proactively and prevent issues before they become very real problems that negatively affect the business. We do this by:

  • Implementing the right technology
  • Operationalizing – installation, configuration, monitoring, and staff training
  • Managing all your IT vendor relationships
  • Developing an appropriate budget and helping you manage it
  • Creating a support strategy & infrastructure management

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