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How to Make a Website Look Professional in 15 Simple Steps

how to make a website look professional

Are you going to be designing a website for your business soon? Before you start, you should take the time to learn how to make a website look professional. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of creating a site that will scare people off rather than bringing them in to your business.…

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Website Design vs. Website Development: Do You Know the Difference?

website development

Do you need website design or development? All websites need both — but many business owners don’t know the difference. The difference is so confusing, many online resources list both as having identical roles. What happens when your website looks great on your phone but bad on your desktop? Or your website works well but…

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Your Mobile Optimization Guide for Better Website Rankings

What is mobile optimization and why is it important? Mobile website optimization, also commonly referred to as mobile SEO, is the process of making a website usable and convenient for mobile users. Simply put, it’s a search engine optimization technique that focuses on the site’s structure, design, loading speed, and more to ensure that a…

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7 Web Design Best Practices Every Business Owner Needs to Know

web design best practices

Bad web design is one of the biggest reasons that customers click away from your website. When they leave your site after only a few seconds, and without taking any kind of action, what’s known as your site’s “dwell time” decreases. This means that Google and search engines don’t think that your website has any…

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Why Is a Website Important for Your Business?

why is a website important

With small businesses spending an average of 35% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing, those dollars need to be spent intelligently. Since that figure is on average $75,000, this might be a lot to invest in a digital presence when you don’t already understand the value of having one. Knowing the answer to “Why…

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Why Your Business Should Invest in a Dynamic Website

dynamic website

It’s no secret your business needs an online platform to thrive. Whether you own a local shop or a multinational cooperation, you need to have a website. It should also be informative, engaging, and unique. The digital age is not what it used to be. You have to stay ahead of the trends to be…

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How SEO Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Money

seo outsourcing

New businesses struggle in two main areas: Finding more time and making more money Saving time and money The reason your business could be struggling to find the time to make more money is your marketing plan. There is too much on your plate and you aren’t alone. In fact, 70% of small businesses do…

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Do This On Your Business Website Right Now

If you don’t use HTTPS on your website, it will now be labeled “NOT SECURE” in Chrome. Even if you haven’t considered using HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol “Secure”) for your business website, you’ve probably seen it before. The history of this security protocol goes back many years to the beginnings of the commercialized Internet –…

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Why You Need a Leader Among Website Designers in Tucson

Website Designers in Tucson

Let’s face it, these days if you’re skimping on web design and development, you’re doing yourself and your business a monumental disservice. It’s all happening online – advertising, marketing, design, PR, customer relations and reputation management. And, this is why you need a leader among website designers in Tucson.

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