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Earth Web Technologies Teams Up With Costco To Support The Children’s Hospital At Tucson Medical Center

"Taking care of what matters most" This year Earth Web Technologies, along with our local NW Tucson Costco partnered with Children’s Miracle Network to actively raise money for the children’s hospital at Tucson Medical Center. Costco matches as percentage of donations made by us, and other local businesses to this worthy cause. We are proud [...]

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Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 10 Quick Tips

Never Run Out of Ideas for Blog Posts: 10 Quick Tips So, you started blogging. It’s a rewarding experience: writing about topics that you’re passionate about, sharing your expertise with the online world, and seeing your content actually help other people. Sometimes the blog posts are even fun to write -- when the ideas are [...]

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Google Reviews Terms of Service Update

Google Reviews Terms of Service Update On Thursday, April 12th, 2018 Google updated their Terms of Service (TOS) for online reviews. The new addition to the TOS states that all of your customers must be asked for online reviews, whether positive or negative in their experience. The specific update is outlined above and states: "Don't [...]

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We Have A New Information Technologies Manager!

We are happy to introduce the newest member of our growing team of experts. Gil Salazar is our new Information Technologies Manager Gil comes to us with 30 Plus years experience in Information Technology and he will be managing many aspects of our Managed Services and IT Services. He also comes highly recommended by many [...]

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Earth Web Technologies Demonstrating Serious Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

As sustainability becomes a more significant responsibility for business owners, EWT is putting environmental strategies in action. Updated April 22, 2018 Conversations about environmental sustainability are happening everywhere. Across the country and globe, individuals and businesses are thinking more and more about the best ways to minimize negative impacts on the environment. For business owners [...]

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Do You Use WordPress? Watch the “Backdoor!”  

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Customer Management Software) platforms of all time, and for good reason. The overall ease of use and administration appeals to individuals, bloggers and small businesses.  Plus, it’s compatible with tens of thousands of plug-ins to help you perform tasks, transform data, aggregate analytics, grow customer lists, and effectively sell products and services.

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How Do I Spot a Bad SEO Company in Tucson?

Finding the right SEO firm for your businesses may happen a bit differently than you might imagine. Many business owners think that you have to land on page one to be any good with search engine optimization.

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What Questions Should You Ask Your Tucson SEO Company?

There’s a lot of value in having an IT company, cloud hosting services, and managed IT services provider all under one roof. It’s even better if you also have a Tucson SEO company under that same roof. Why?

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Is WordPress Secure?  

WordPress is a great content management system for personal use, but is it safe for businesses? When small-business owners come together, there are often heated discussions about which back-end platform is best for online use. Today, there are tons of great options available, and each has its own dedicated legions of super fans. However, for [...]

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Do This On Your Business Website Right Now

If you don’t use HTTPS on your website, it will now be labeled “NOT SECURE” in Chrome. Even if you haven’t considered using HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol “Secure”) for your business website, you’ve probably seen it before. The history of this security protocol goes back many years to the beginnings of the commercialized Internet – [...]

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