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Archive for May 2018

The Ultimate Guide to PPC Strategy

PPC strategy

With mobile online usage finally surpassing desktop, now, more than ever, it’s crucial for your business to have a competitive PPC strategy. In fact, Google has embraced the shift in demographics and has been in the process of rolling out mobile-first indexing which places emphasis on mobile-optimized websites. In the past, you may have focused…

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What is Ransomware and How Can My Business Stay Protected?

What is Ransomware

Did you know your business could be held up for ransom? It may not be the Wild West era anymore, but the digital age comes with a new kind of outlaw: hackers who target businesses for sensitive data and profit. Cybersecurity has become a serious concern for companies large and small, especially now that ransomware…

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Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 10 Quick Tips

Never Run Out of Ideas for Blog Posts: 10 Quick Tips So, you started blogging. It’s a rewarding experience: writing about topics that you’re passionate about, sharing your expertise with the online world, and seeing your content actually help other people. Sometimes the blog posts are even fun to write — when the ideas are…

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Why Local Business Reviews Are So Important for SEO

local business reviews

Think of the last time you tried out a new restaurant or discovered an online clothing site. Before you made your final decision on where to go/what to buy, you probably checked out the reviews. As a consumer, this is a natural thing to do to better understand what kind of experience you’ll have. Reviews…

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How to Claim a Business on Google (And Why You Need To)

claim a business on google

If you own a small business, you’re always looking for a cheap and easy way to promote your brand. One tool that every local company should take advantage of is Google My Business. GMB is a free featured offered by Google that allows you to create a directory listing for your business. Despite the many…

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