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Archive for August 2017

Do This On Your Business Website Right Now

If you don’t use HTTPS on your website, it will now be labeled “NOT SECURE” in Chrome. Even if you haven’t considered using HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol “Secure”) for your business website, you’ve probably seen it before. The history of this security protocol goes back many years to the beginnings of the commercialized Internet –…

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Top Secrets Revealed Prevent Phishing Scams In Tucson

Phishing Scams

Has your company experienced phishing attempts, or have you suffered a successful phishing attack? If you’re trying to raise your workplace awareness regarding email phishing scams, we have some helpful information on how to stop email phishing scams in their tracks.

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Website Tip: How to Turn Browsers into Buyers—Six Tips

Are you frustrated by low website conversion numbers? Maybe it’s not your product or service. You may just need to rethink your website.   Even though your website is generating a steady flow of traffic it’s not enough. Did you know that half of all visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? Fifteen seconds?…

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6 Big Website Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

That Are Costing Your Business Money. Have you fallen prey to these common website mistakes— Ones that will alienate your customers and deplete your revenue? If you tried to save money by constructing your own website, or had it built by someone without the latest knowledge in digital marketing, you’re wasting money, and probably losing…

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Write “Killer Content” for Your Website – 7 Tips

“Content is king.” This is an old expression dating back to 1996 (ancient history where the Internet is concerned).  This point was repeated in an article by Bill Gates. Gates tells us where he believes the Internet is heading, and stressed the importance of using quality content in posts. He predicted that content creation would…

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